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My implementation of the Minima will be on 3 boards - main board, Front Panel board containing the display, control pot, push buttons, etc, and JBOT.
 I have ordered prototype boards. 
The main board has the volume control, mic jack, headphone jack, and the key jack on the front edge.

I am working on the front panel. There is one 10 pin right angle connector(5 X 2) connecting to the main board.

 In addition, another connector will connect the Si570 output to the main board.
 I am adding pads for a $0.70 mechanical encoder, an optical encoder that I have a bunch of and a commercial($19.65) optical encoder with switch.
 One of these may be installed in place of the 100K pot if desired for frequency control. 
I also am adding pads for a 512K EEPROM and a I2C expander(provides 16 I/O lines).  
 Put all the kICAD files in one directory. 
If you also put the datasheets in the same directory, you will be able to view the datasheet by right clicking on the part in the schematic and selecting DOC.
 If you create a BOM from the schematic editor and add fields 3,4, and 5, the BOM will show the part #, the single unit price, and the supplier(mostly Mouser).  

KICAD Schematics:

MAIN Board: http://wb6dhw.com/Minima/Minima_Main_Board.zip

Front Panel: http://wb6dhw.com/Minima/Minima-Front_Panel.zip

Amplifier: http://wb6dhw.com/Minima/Minima_JBOT.zip

Datasheets: http://wb6dhw.com/Minima/Minima-Datasheets.zip

PCB Layouts: KICAD PCB Layouts: http://wb6dhw.com/Minima/JBOT-PCB.zip