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Current State


As you can see, I'm just starting this project. I figured I'd ease on into it by building the Audio Amp first. I'll be replacing the above image with the current state of the project every time I get around to it.


Julio, why the heck are you calling it Minimax? Lately I've been playing around with the idea of having an all-homebrew station, kinda like W6JL's station, and those who build the Picastar transceivers. But, I don't have an EE degree, and although I'm not a raw beginner, I'm far from experienced. So the Minima seemed like the perfect fit for my goal, at least initially, maybe some day I'll learn enough to build a more feature-ful rig.

Now for that "x" I added at the end. I live in a subdivision, which means I have a small lot and no big trees. My antenna consists of an end-fed up on a Spiderbeam pole (40'). I've had some success running QRP at 5w and 12w with my KX3. But it was only after building the W6JL 50W Amp that I really started enjoying the hobby. So, I plan on using this already-built amplifier on the business-end of the Minima/JBOT ensemble, that's where the name came from. Ultimately, I would love to have a 140W amp from CCI, but for now, 50W will do.

Julio Jimenez