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Building and using the assembled Kit

Those who have got the BITX40 assembled PCB in the first batch may please use this page to post tips, enhancements, reports etc. The PCBs are numbered by Farhan. Users may add their numbers while posting comment. My PCB is #47 (Clement, VU3PQN).

Changes to be made:

As per Farhan R94 to be changed from 10 ohm to 100 ohm.

( P.A side)


Biju a.p.( VU2TDD) has added a 4.7K pot for fine tuning.

Clement, VU3PQN, PCB #47: I have added a fine tuning control as given in the pic below. The band can be quickly scanned using the main tuning knob. Once a station is found, the main tuning is adjusted approximately at the position of maximum signal and then the fine tuning control is adjusted for best clarity. Unable to upload image file due to error. Putting it up on a shared link for now. Please click this link to view the mod >> [1]

Issues noticed

1: In Rx mode, when vol control is turned to maximum, there is a sqealing sound. Solution: Pls post your solution / ideas here.

Ans. VU2TDD: pcb # 18

1. connect one multimedia speaker on the speaker socket.

  It will give good audio. I am using this method.

2. connect a 0.047 or 0.01 or 0.1 capacitor across outer

  pin of volume control. get improvement.